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A Passion for Creating Leaders of People

Sheelika Ravishankar leads Chrysalides. 

She has worked with leaders and leadership teams for nearly 2 decades across Manufacturing, Service and Information Technology companies.

She is passionate about people.  Chrysalides is her vision.

Yes, she understands and drives Human Resources Management, Leadership Development, Behavioural Training , Assessment & Development Centres, Behaviour Competency Frameworks and Organisational Development. She's worked with companies like Siemens, ABC Consultants, P&O Nedlloyd, Mudra Communications &  GE as in-house HR for the first 8 years of her career. 1995-2002.

She then chose to focus on her passion - Driving Behaviour Change in organisations. She's worked with diverse clients over a decade on challenging assignments as clients tried to decode their people strengths to compete better. 2003-2011.

2011.  She incorporated Chrysalides.

Chrysalides is an initiative to tackle the Leadership Challenges of the New Economy.

At Chrysalides she collaborates with experts across industries to enable her clients meet their goals.

Her partners include successful entrepreneurs, bankers, human resources experts. People who can address your challenges.  

She is presently based in Bangalore.  She has worked with clients in most major cities in India.

She can be reached at : / 9686344001