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Partnering Future Leaders

Chrysalides [kri-sal-i-deez] is a Change Enabling firm .  We partner leaders who question the status quo. Leaders who envision the future. Leaders who build leaders.

Our Firm is not a Management Consulting Firm. 

We are obsessed with creating Transformative Change.  Our areas of expertise - Driving Change through People and Innovation.

We aim to work with just two clients at time, we like our focus and give it all.

We also take 30 days of  knowledge break every year, visiting transformational companies, communities and people to continuously grow.

Over 2 decades of  leadership in innovative companies has helped shape our knowledge and attitude.

We would like to describe ourselves more as affable risk takers.

We will always urge you to do something. Try something. 

Innovators, Leaders always do something. They just don't sit there.    

Partnering Leaders = Partnering Teams.  We believe that visionary leaders have great teams. Our role is to provide the glue , the enabling factor which helps the teams calibrate and accelerate their execution.

Some areas we would like to partner leadership teams: 

Strategic HR consulting- strategic HR Consulting, Development and Assessment Centres, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Performance Management, Organisation Development, Skill and Behavioural Training and Team Development

Innovation in Financial Services- Building Financial Services in a Digital world  . Unthinking your Branch Banking and Customer Experience. Building a Payments Business in a Mobile Social Financial World.